Here's a solution for both.

Introducing the Agency Webinar Series.

11 webinars conveniently designed to fit into employees' already busy schedules.
Webinars are 45 to 60 minutes and conducted once a month over the course of 2018.


Affordable - $2,499 enrolls all employees in a year-long program

Convenient - Listen live or catch the archived recording another time - during lunch, on the drive, at the gym.

Valuable - Investing in training shows employees they are
valued and supported in their career growth


TOPICS that teach and empower employees to tweak, change OR up level their game.

  • LOL, WTH & OMG: A guide to surviving a cross-generational workplace
  • MORE THAN A COG: How to rock your responsibilities and get noticed
  • UP LEVEL FROM ENTRY LEVEL: 5 steps to becoming a polished professional
  • INTERNTASTIC: Confidence from Day 1
  • TAMING JUDGMENT: How unconscious bias wreaks havoc on decision making
  • EVERYONE COMMUNICATES, FEW CONNECT: What the most effective people do differently
  • OWN-HER-SHIP: A woman's guide to owning career growth and results
  • 15 INVALUABLE LAWS OF GROWTH: Live them and reach your potential
  • LIVING BRAVE: Steps to a more courageous you
“35% of millennials consider comprehensive training and
development programs as the TOP BENEFIT they want from a company. ”
— PwC Report

employee training is a powerful business strategy.

nothing impacts collaboration, productivity and engagement more
than an employee who feels valued and invested in.

Gallup has told us over and over - employee engagement is everything! And by offering the
opportunity for personal and professional growth, you can reap the benefits of happy and
productive employees, ones who contribute more and stay longer .

Yet, for small- to mid-sized companies, the ability to deliver a robust and comprehensive training
program is often difficult. Either there's no HR team or there's an HR team whose resources are strapped.

This webinar series provides year-long access to training in way that's both convenient and affordable.




ONE webinar registration = $89
Average small company = 20 employees
$89 x 20 = $1,780 x 11 months = $19,580

The Agency Webinar Series
ELEVEN webinars. ALL employees.

juliette-leufke-154599 (2).jpg

Still reading? 

here's more detail if cost and convenience aren't enough.

Let's face it, employee training isn't the sexy stuff. Creating award-winning campaigns or
pitching an incredible new client, well, that certainly is. Yet, nothing can impact your business
more powerfully than investing in the development of your team.

     “7 out of 10 say job-related training & development opportunities
directly influence their decision to stay with a company.”


We're making the important part the easy part.

One decision, one price, one simple solution for an entire year's worth of training.

Once a month (on the 4th Tuesday at 9 am PST) from January 2018 to November 2018,
your team is trained on topics that will help move them (and your business) forward.

Webinars are accessed via remote desktop or dial-in access. All calls are recorded and archived for
viewing for the entire year (which means any new hires you make in 2018 can watch them too!).

It's that easy.

How does it work?

webinars delivered once a month makes training flexible & easy

The main complaint when it comes to training is not enough time. Are your employees saying things like, "I am way too busy" or "A last-minute meeting popped up" or "My client called right in the middle of the workshop"?

The Agency Webinar Series solves these challenges.

Eleven sessions provide variety and consistency to create a comprehensive employee development plan. Employees know the topics, date and time ahead of time and, better yet, they can catch anything missed via the archived link. Nobody wastes money on a training workshop that ends up being half full. Win-win for all.

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