Conventional team-building exercises often provide short-term help that’s fun and inspiring, yet often the effects don’t last. Here’s a unique team training session that’s unlike anything you’ve heard of before that sets the stage for long-term change.

Introducing the The Leadership Game - a unique and progressive tool that immediately alters a team’s dynamic in a positive way. In this interactive and lively Team Mastery session, your employees play the game to subtly and powerfully connect on a level they haven't experienced before. Our clients confirm it’s a powerful way to boost performance, communication and camaraderie for team leaders and team members alike.

Let’s face it, almost every organization has a challenge with team effectiveness to some degree. Common symptoms include gossip, drama, blame, defensiveness, negativity, and turnover. Finally, here’s a group-coaching tool to help address these issues.

Unlike other team building exercises, we use dice and question cards to spark discussion, encouragement, and healthy debate. This tool looks like a board game, which means defenses drop immediately and people become receptive and inquisitive towards one another.  The result is a productive and passionate conversation about what truly matters to the team. This rapport opens the door to empathy and vulnerability – two building blocks of effective communication. Even conducting just one session can foster the rapid development of a winning team mentality.


Once we show your group the how and why of properly functioning as a team unit, we’ll have given them the one of the greatest gifts: the ability to grow together. In conventional team building workshops and seminars, the primary goal is to incubate a strong team culture through honesty, transparency and trust. The Leadership Game does just that, and so much more. It’s part group coaching, part team building, part communication amplifier, all in one session.


True connection on a team starts with relationship. Without relationship, communication, trust and outcomes suffer. This session gives the opportunity to get to know team members on a deeper level, to discuss and debate leadership and communication ideas and to grow in understanding as a team.

Never before has a team-building tool been able to accomplish so much in so little time. In a two-hour session, your team covers topics that will help move the needle on their effectiveness. From personal leadership to organizational leadership to being a leader or a follower to better communication throughout a company, this session promotes impactful conversations your team may have never had the opportunity to discuss before. Some clients choose to conduct a session every quarter as a check up on building a strong and passionate team dynamic.

Both heart-warming and transformational, this is your work-hack for achieving a higher level of authenticity and transparency in your personnel in a short amount of time.  


The Leadership Game is ideal for any group where performance is critical to business success: individual departments, project teams, management or sales teams, and even executive leadership. Ideally, managers participate with their employees and executives lead by example by being the first to team to conduct a session.

Your staff will engage with each other in a way that fosters honesty, empathy, candor, discussion and growth. In this authentic and interactive session, your team will boost their connection, communication and overall effectiveness in a way that’s truly transformational for the entire organization.



·       Breaking down communication barriers

·       Growing in empathy and increasing perspectives

·       Discussing personal and organizational leadership values

·       Transforming relationships with team members


“All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!”

“People had breakthroughs, a-ha’s, laughed, hugged, and cried, all in a 2-hour time period.”

“Best group coaching I’ve ever experienced.”

“Everyone’s total presence is intense during the game. Because of the brilliant questions, the engagement and commitment is ALL IN.”

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