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Foundations of Leadership  - 4 pillars of leadership that focus on ways to craft a personal leadership style that’s authentic, confident and built on trust and character

The Art of Tough Conversations  - Insights on how humans emotionally and physically receive feedback and strategies to help new managers effectively initiate, maneuver and conduct difficult conversations

The Leader in You  - Self-directed career strategies that remind new managers of ways to drive personal accountability and ownership in themselves and in their direct reports

Empowering a Trust Culture  - How to foster trusted relationships on a team and within a company to impact process, productivity, results, and ultimately, company culture

What Managers Need to Know About Bias  - How bias inhibits decision making in hiring and team development

The Empowered Communicator  - How to present and speak as a leader, 1-on-1 and in front of groups, using the power of your mind, body and words to effectively communicate.


A comprehensive one-day format that covers 4 powerful components to jumpstart a new manager's growth.

The day starts with the Foundations of Leadership workshop. I lead attendees through 4 core pillars of leadership and how to start building the character and impact of a strong and confident leader. Through discussion, interactive exercises, and a multi-page workbook, attendees begin to outline their core leadership values and ways to start building a solid foundation of managerial skills. The session concludes with a completed 4-part action steps plan to help them put their learned lessons to use.  

After a short break, we resume for a Leadership Mastery Session, a game-like format of questions, debate and discussion of leadership and communication topics. The playing cards are designed to promote debate, candor and transparency while emphasizing how to lead and communicate with more success. It's eye-opening, honest and truly game-changing for any group. 

“What a tremendous time of discovery, transparency, growth, and more.”  -- Mastery Attendee

We send attendees to lunch with a single, reflective question and reconvene with a short debrief. 

The afternoon session begins with The Art of Tough Conversations, a deep dive into the psychology and physical response to feedback and ways to make having difficult conversations a bit easier on everyone involved. The session helps arm new managers with more effective tools to initiate, navigate and conclude productive conversations with their team. 

The day closes with the inspiration talk called The Leader in You, a delightful and inspirational message that drives accountability and action. Attendees learn core self-directed career strategies that help them drive their own careers forward and help them motivate and direct those on their teams as well. 

"Leader in You was hands down the best I’ve attended in my professional career." -- J. Benjamin, GTB

What Will Attendees Learn?

  • Self-directed career strategies designed to foster initiative in themselves and their team
  • How confidence, character and charisma play into their leadership style
  • The facets of productive conversations and how to put them to use
  • Gentle lead-ins and de-escalation methods to help them navigate tough conversations
  • Improving reflection and self-awareness to expedite managerial growth
  • Ways to foster a safe and trusting team environment that promotes effective communication
  • And more...
"Received rave reviews from the masses." -- A. Levine, DCI

Who Is This Workshop Good For?

  • Any recently promoted new manager in the first year or two (or three)
  • Any manager currently struggling with their communication or leadership skills
  • Individual contributors close to being promoted into a management position
  • Any mid-level manager looking to refresh their foundational leadership skills with a new perspective


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