The truth is that human beings are hardwired to make assumptions about people and environment; it’s an evolutionary survival skill. But what served us well as hunter-gatherers can be extremely damaging in a modern and diverse environment, such as the workplace. Left unchecked, biases affect everything from collaboration, to innovation, to engagement and retention.  They are often the hidden reason a company culture never reaches its full potential.  

In this insightful workshop, Cecilia Gorman explains how to recognize and overcome the unconscious bias that is an ingrained part of everyone’s decision-making process.  By raising awareness around commonly held workplace biases and situations that tend to increase bias tendencies, workshop participants will learn to make better decisions based on what they know, rather than what they feel.  The results of this simple change are truly transformative.  

Whether your staff is struggling with teamwork and communication, or you want to be proactive about taking your diversity and inclusion efforts to the next level, this session is for you.  Participants not only gain a new perspective on diversity, they walk away with bias-busting action steps to incorporate into daily routines that will build a truly inclusive culture.

Key Learning Points

  • How and why unconscious bias exists in our brain

  • Communication tactics that promote diversity of thought and unlock greater contribution from all employees

  • Methods to reduce bias in hiring, promoting, and retaining talent


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