Becoming an Effective Manager Isn't Easy or Overnight, Here's Help.


The hardest part of my career was my first 3 years of managing other people. As it is for most new managers, those years when you are just starting out are a bit clunky and tough to master.

I didn't understand how to navigate a team of strong personalities, I was surprised how hard it was to handle my own work plus oversee everyone else, I was challenged with tough situations and even tougher conversations practically daily, I was expected to mentor and motivate my team when I could barely keep up with my new responsibilities, all of this and more while feeling ill-equipped as a new leader.

We have a tendency to think once you're deemed "MANAGER" you know what you're doing. Not at all true.

Most new managers are trying to find their way in the dark, learning their management lessons by trial and error (mostly error!). Without proper training, the right guidance and consistent support, it's no wonder employees newly charged with leading a team face so many struggles.

And, as many will attest: ill-prepared new managers grow into unsuccessful senior managers. 

“Only 5% of Millennial Managers are perceived as prepared to lead.” -- Ernst & Young LLP


  • Are there folks on your team that feel a little lost in their management journey?
  • Do you have new managers who struggle with leading and motivating their team?
  • Is communication less than ideal and are problems being avoided rather than addressed?
  • Has there been a less-than-ideal impact on the attitude and output of poorly led teams?
  • Are you in danger of losing star employees who are frustrated by their faltering manager?

My guess is yes, and your realization that most new managers could use a hand.



Step One

Developing strong management skills starts with some basic lessons. So basic, it's often why this step is overlooked. Companies and bosses will assume new managers know what to do without concertedly teaching them the skills needed in their new role. An employee will get promoted or hired into their first management position and shortly thereafter begin to falter. 

It's easy to forget that not everyone (anyone?) went through Manager 101 in college. Step one in new manager development is Focus on the Fundamentals

At this step we offer New Manager Boot Camp to help with the growth of manager fundamentals. Boot Camp is a 4-week online course, focused on the specific stumbling blocks of new managers. This course can be taken as a stand-alone training or offered as an add-on to any program. It's digestible, relevant, easy-to-consume content, delivered right to the inbox. 

"These are the lessons no one tells you about being a manager." -- Boot Camp Attendee

See the entire BOOT CAMP overview HERE.


Step Two

One of my favorite sayings about new managers is, "You can't build a mansion on mud." Isn't that true?

Becoming a great manager is impossible if you don't have the right foundation - your manager mansion will sink fairly fast. That's why the next step in new manager development works hard to shore up the strength of foundational skills - confidence, character, trust, humility, communication, giving & receiving feedback, mentoring.

Step two in new manager development is Immersive Learning

It's called immersive learning because attendees don't sit and listen in a one-way dialogue. We're discussing, debating, partnering, challenging, laughing, moving and actively learning the course material. Attendees should walk away from one of my courses feeling energized to put what they've learned into action. 

"Heard nothing but positive feedback, excitement and enthusiasm from every member of my team." 



Step Three

Success in any endeavor comes by way of application. I've spent a lot of time teaching one-off workshops, leaving at the end, then wondering if the lessons were put into action. I realized what's most important is what happens after the training.

After-program implementation is a key part of developing strong new managers. Step three in new manager development is Increase Retention and Application

To help sustain learning and promote continued engagement with the course material, I created a system that provides on-going support to new managers after any training workshop for an entire year. Through my Manager Impact Portal, attendees continue their learning journey via recorded video lessons, live teaching calls with Q&A, emailed leadership lessons and direct access to me as their coach.

Enrollment in this extended support program is valuable to any new manager as they continue strengthen their skills over that first critical year and is offered as an add-on to workshops and full day programs. 


Step Four

Most all my training and coaching programs are focused on new and struggling managers and I typically work with both individuals and teams to ramp up their managerial acumen. Step four is Let's Have a Short Call and talk about how I might be able to add value to your team. 

Training and support for new managers doesn't have to be complex or expensive, but it does have to be in place. I'd love to support you and your team on their journey to become stellar managers and extraordinary leaders.  


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