Take your time...

New Manager Boot Camp was designed as a four-week journey. Starting each Monday—after you sign up for roll call (above)—I'll touch base via email to guide you to your lessons (in sequential order), nudge you forward, and keep you accountable—because I truly care about your success!

for best results...

Because I know you're busy, the course materials are presented very simply. You'll be instructed to watch videos, listen to audio recordings, and print out worksheets—which I recommend you organize in a small binder or three-ring presentation folder. This will help you keep everything tidy and findable :).

working ahead or getting caught up...

While the modules follow a weekly sequence, if it works better for you to take the course in a weekend, do it! You can access all the weekly modules and lessons right now; so feel free to work at your own pace. But don't feel pressured to go too fast. A weekly pace is comfortable and very easy to weave into your schedule without creating overwhelm.

get fast support & feedback among a community of friends...

Be sure to say hello and get connected in my Leadership Rock Star (private) community on Facebook. The button is below. We're a small, intimate group of managers who support one another through the New Manager Boot Camp journey and beyond! I'd love to meet you there.


Are you ready to start learning how to become a great manager? Click the Week One button below and...

Let's Do This!

Part of Boot Camp is a short and optional one-on-one coaching call. We jump on the phone together so I can learn more about you. We'll talk about any current challenges you may be facing, your expectations from class and how I can better serve you during your time in Boot Camp. If you feel that you'd be well served by personally speaking with me, click below to connect to my calendar and find a time that works for you. 

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