manager training

Becoming a great manager isn't easy or overnight.

Here's Help.


Introducing Manager Boot Camp, a training solution that helps new managers build competencies, communication skills and leadership styles that serve them for the rest of their career. Our micro-learning experience is designed to provide your leaders with personalized support that meets them where they are, and fits into their busy schedule.

Management skills are critical. Here’s leadership training that’s hard-hitting and easy-to-access.  

The four-week self-paced course starts with a personalized coaching call with Cecilia to assess foundational leadership skills. From there, participants get access to audio and video lessons each week plus checklists and other resources to use with their team. We’ve designed the entire Boot Camp experience to be digestible, accessible and powerful. The weekly commitment is only about an hour, and course work can be done in small chunks throughout the week.


Whether your team has new managers in need of basics, or seasoned managers looking for new leadership techniques, Manager Boot Camp is for you!

Ill-prepared new managers often grow into unsuccessful senior managers. The impact of poor leadership skills runs deep, affecting communication, productivity, engagement, and certainly retention.

Yes, new mangers can read management books or ask around for advice, but true learning comes from the actual application of lessons while working to develop a strong and competent leadership style. Managers have to do to learn and at this early career stage, and unskilled doing can result in mistakes and missteps. Boot Camp helps new managers better navigate those early lessons.


Why Boot Camp?

There aren’t a lot of manager training options that combine critical fundamentals with personal coaching advice.  Boot Camp gives you access to your own management coach and a series of lessons you might never have learned anywhere else. Our course is designed to answer the question: “Why didn't anyone tell me that when I was just starting out?” The lessons in Manager Boot Camp are meant to speed up your learning curve and arm you with tools to jumpstart a solid career in management, with less stress.

We know it’s tough to train everyone in the building, especially those in the lower ranks. Lack of funds, lack of resources and lack of time are all very valid reasons that make employee development a significant challenge.

But just imagine for a minute you don't invest in developing this tier of your staff year after year: Untrained managers rise through the ranks, spawn off more untrained folks from their teams and you've essentially compromised the future of your business.

People are complex.  Motivating them, developing them and most importantly, relating to them, doesn’t always come as easily as we hope.  Even the managers who have the potential for greatness don’t always get the training and support they need to reach their full potential. This is where Manager Boot Camp comes in.  

There are plenty of solid training options out there and Manager Boot Camp is one. Whichever you choose, let's agree on this: not developing your new managers isn’t one of them.


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