Trust is the foundation of every good relationship. When people trust one another, it opens the door for a higher level of functioning and growth, both as individuals and as a group.  (Luckily, we don’t need to fall backwards off a platform at a woodland retreat to know that.)  But building this kind of trust in the workplace doesn’t happen overnight, or by accident.  When people who are diverse in thought, background, and tenure come together, building trust can take time and come with hiccups. 

In this eye-opening workshop, Cecilia Gorman helps teams cultivate a trusting environment where people feel empowered to collaborate and deliver at a higher level.  Workshop participants learn about the power of trust, and why it should be extended to colleagues before it is “earned.”  Cecilia focuses on the role of accountability and ownership in fostering a culture of trust where people are able to become the best version of themselves. 

By sharing insightful methods for building, maintaining, and restoring trust after it has been broken, Cecilia helps organizations bridge the trust gap from where they are and where they want to be.  Whether your team is going through changes and you want to increase buy-in of new processes and managers, or you’ve simply never addressed trust in the workplace, this workshop is for you.  Participants leave with a higher level of respect one another and greater effectiveness as a team.

Key Learning Points

  • The four stages of The Trust Cycle

  • Optimizing trust development at all levels to increase engagement, productivity, and retention

  • Actionable methods for becoming a respected and trustworthy leader


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