Avoiding Autopilot

I have a quote on my bedroom wall that reads, "Every day you are alive and someone loves you is a miracle." And, honestly it is. Now is the time when we stop taking life so much for granted and we start seeing each day as a miracle.

Breathing? Check. Roof over head? Check. Food in fridge? Check. Money in bank account? Check. Feeling loved? Check. All of that, is nothing short of a miracle.

I think though we forget that. We forget to find gratitude in the small things (which actually are kinda big - I mean, hello - breathing!). We forget that tomorrow a Mack Truck may intersect our path in a not-so-good way. We forget that nothing is guaranteed, even though we act like it is all day long.

Let's make a pact. 

Let's commit from this day forward to inject a little miracle-ness into our days. Let's make each day our own special miracle that is deserving of awe.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.18.52 PM.png

Let's be reminded just how wonderful this world is. Isn't it amazing that you are on this planet, circling at 1,000 miles per hour in an ginormous atmosphere, living your own special little life?

It's utterly mind-boggling. 

Don't forget how awesome waking up alive is; don't forget your loved ones are a gift, not an obligation; don't forget to be thankful for all the pieces and parts of your life that you are really damn lucky to have.

A commitment to remain in a state of awe is no small thing. It's a responsibility you have to fulfill every single day. And trust me, most days we'll probably all forget.

We'll revert back to autopilot. Slide back into unconscious participation in our own lives. We'll wake up, do stuff, go to bed and do it all again the next day. We seem to be stuck in a state of same ol' same ol' and our days go by without much thought. That's the habit I want to break from here on out.

Are you with me? Are you ready to commit to kicking autopilot's ass? 

Here's a few unconsiousness-busters to help you remain in a state of awe:

1. Tie a red ribbon on your steering wheel. I'm serious. A big, red ribbon. Every time you jump in the car and see it, take a long deep breath and say thank you to the universe. Out loud or in your head, doesn't matter. Take 2 seconds to say what you're thankful for.

2. Set a couple of alarms on your phone to go off every day and label them with little reminders, "9:00 am: text a sweet note," "Noon: drink water," "2 pm: smile." Whatever you want to be more conscious of doing throughout the day.

3. Keep a notebook by your bed. Before you lay down, write three things that made you happy that day. This simple act has the power to change your view of life, I know because it did for me.

Trust me, incorporating change into your life is hard! It's helpful to have a few triggers to remind you. Red ribbon is a trigger, a phone reminder is a trigger, a notebook by your bed is a trigger. Use these or think up a few on your own.

Friends, the world is going to keep spinning but with a few reminders to spend each and every day in awe, it'll be a blessed journey nonetheless.

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