Don't Go It Alone


Leaving the comfort of a salaried position to build something from scratch isn’t 24/7 awesomeness. It’s a constant stream of mental stress, doubt and even physical isolation…a big contrast from hanging with my work buddies, grabbing lunch and chatting every day. I can vouch, being an entrepreneur feels like you should always be doing more. All. The. Time.  

Maybe you feel something similar in your life?

Feeling like you are churning the wheel yet staying in place? Feeling like you're in the big game playing every position yourself? Feeling alone in your journey to be, do and have more?

Well, what's helping me deal with those exact feelings is the great network I’ve created over the years and, especially, three incredible women that I was fortunate to connect with after starting my company.



Deana Ward – website designer, business architect and wundercoach

Kirsten Asher – brainstorm buddy, partner in growth and kindred spirit

Chelsea Szabo – bouncer-off-er, ideator and advertising commisserator


These three have become my support system, my kick in the butt, my cheerleaders, my mentors, my allies and my chill pill when I have a question, get stuck or a little frustrated over negative comments.    

Most importantly, they act as my personal Wikipedia of Solopreneurship. I can only learn so much on my own, but multiply my “brain trust” by three and suddenly I’m gaining access to 3x as much info, 3x faster!

             + 3x the advice

             + 3x the best practices for business

             + 3x the mistakes avoided

             + 3x the number of connections

             + 3x the number of ideas  

In just 5 months, these talented women have slingshot me past goals that I'm confident would have taken a year or more.

Trust me when I say that you can go the Lone Ranger route and learn it on your own at a slower pace, or you can arrange your own personal mission: Create a brain trust of people who can teach you, push you, help you AND grow you...As fast as possible.

No matter what your role, industry, or personality type, going it alone is the surest way to make your career (and life!) harder than it needs to be. Choose your team selectively, make the time to share, learn from each other, and I guarantee you’ll find yourself growing exponentially.  

If you want to know more about building a support system for success, I’ll be sharing invaluable advice in my June 30th webinar “The Art of Connecting: Why Being a Relationship Rock Star Matters,” available to 4A’s members. Go to or email me at for more information.

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