Can I get a little life meaning over here?

That's right folks. In exactly 2 years, 6 months, and 16 days I will turn 50 years old.


Hey, 50 isn't that old (I can say that because I am almost there, yet there was a time when I thought 50 was ancient!). But man, as it gets closer, I sure do feel like 50 is the oldest thing this side of the Pyramids. My body has a way more creaks, my eyesight has tanked to a level that is just shy of blindness and gray hair has begun to peek through. I am starting to see signs of everything that is expected as we age. Big fat ugh to that.

What's unexpected (and quite surprising to me) is this undying sense of urgency to DO SOMETHING.

Something big. Something different. Something memorable.

Something that will give my life some kind of eternal mark on this world. And I feel like this urgency is hanging in my rear view mirror daily. Practically taunting me to get moving and do something.

Is this normal? Any other near 50-ish-year-olds with me on this one?

I suppose it just comes down to this fact: I want my life to matter. And frankly, the ol' 9 to 5-er ain't feeling like the ticket to "matter-ness."

When people hit mid-life they tend to pause and reflect (and sometimes go wacko and buy a corvette). A good solid chunk of our life has passed, we possess a grander sense of maturity to look back on our accomplishments to date and we have a solid view toward the unknown horizon of what's to come. Potentially frightening if that horizon appears bland and blah.

For me, I want the second half of my life to be amazing. And if can't be amazing, I want it to be awesome. And if it can't be awesome, then I at least, at the bare minimum, want it to better than the 50 years prior.

Commit with me then.

Commit that each and every day - from this day forward - you'll (WE'LL) make an effort to live it out loud.

Intentionally. Wholeheartedly. Exceptionally. Brilliantly.

Because that 50 train is coming fast and I don't know about you but I want to be on it in the bar car celebrating a life well lived.




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