It's 3:15 am. What are you doing?

It's 3:15 am. What are you doing? Well if you are like me, you are sleeping at 3:15 am. Quite Soundly.

I just finished a book by the comedian Steve Harvey, called Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success. The book gives his words of wisdom on becoming successful, detailing his rags to riches back to rags back to riches story. In it, as he talks about the efforts it takes for him to be successful, he outlines his daily schedule. Which starts at 3:15 am.

Steve Harvey wakes up at 3:15 am to hit a 3:45 am workout. His first job of the day, a morning radio show, goes from 5 to 9 am. He then heads to his second job, taping The Steve Harvey Show, which lasts from 2 pm to 7:30 pm, getting him home around 8 pm. Now the general point of his book is about the energy that we all need to expend to achieve success (but most of us don't or won't).  And that if we aren't entirely the success we'd like to be, perhaps it's because we are sleeping until 7:15 am, and are missing out on a good 3 or 4 hours to put towards that goal.

Now I can barely manage 5:15 am on the rare occasion I have to catch a flight or get myself somewhere super early. 4:15 am would deeply disturb me. 3:15 am is just outright whack.

But it does give me something to think about. What would I get out of bed at 3:15 am every day for? What far-off sounding dream would I dedicate the wee hours of the morning to? Hearing about Steve Harvey's dedication, makes me a bit jealous. That he is some successful star, living his dream, doing something only a star can do.

Yet getting up at 3:15 am is something any one of us can do. We just don't. Take a moment to imagine success as great as Steve Harvey's. Getting to do what he loves every day. And making a sh*t ton of money doing it. Imagine that same success for yourself. It's entirely possible. Maybe the reason the rest of us aren't living that same fulfilled life is because success to that degree gets up very, very early in the morning and we are still sleeping.
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