Who leads the leaders?

I often wonder who leads those highest up the totem pole.

I mean, who leads the leaders? Do they just at some point in their careers not need anyone to inspire them? To motivate them? To guide them this way or that?

I doubt it. I imagine they wish they had someone to look up to instead of looking down or across all the time. There cannot be a time in your career when one day you have (and somewhat need) a boss then the very next you don't. Is it that you are somehow led as much as you are going to be led then from there on out it is up to you? That is a scary prospect in my eyes.

The higher up the org chart you go, the less people there are above you to show you leadership in action. And, I am feeling, the more depraved you become. No one can exist in the business world without drawing inspiration and guidance from someone.

So what's a girl to do? 

If you find that you've risen to a rank where there are crickets chirping at the leadership level, don't despair. Try these couple of things:

Look to the books. There are so many stories of success you can draw upon to keep yourself motivated and inspired to lead others.

Find and cultivate a mentor relationship with anyone whose level is above yours is helpful. Maybe a past coworker or a relative who is business savvy and open to giving you objective advice.

Believe that your own leadership skills are enough. In knowing that you got to where you are for a reason and that you are in place as a leader yourself for a reason, you should find comfort. At least a little.

Use your peers. Peers, though at your same level, have different points of view and varying perspectives on leadership that will teach you something. Don't discount that relationship.

Bask in your team. The glowy glow you get from leading and managing others is your fuel. Bask in it until you can't bask in it any more. Remind yourself that your validation is in the growth and development of others. And surely, that's validation enough.

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