Chances are, there is something you’d like to say to someone, maybe even need to say to someone, but the thought of actually saying it makes you want to curl into a little ball and hide. 

The desire to avoid tough conversations is natural.  You don’t want to come across as a jerk or hurt someone’s feelings.  Or maybe you have so much emotion behind what you want to say, you can’t picture saying it in a tone and volume that would be appropriate for the situation.  It isn’t always easy to say what needs to be said, especially in the workplace, but avoiding key conversations can hinder productivity, effectiveness, and retention.  

In this interactive workshop, Cecilia Gorman goes deep into the art of having tough conversations, showing participants how to not only survive them, but enjoy the process.  Through role play, discussion, and application worksheets, participants learn the important facets of communication challenges, and how to give feedback that is both honest and productive. 

In addition to initiating tough conversations, participants learn how to receive difficult feedback.  From understanding how our bodies physiologically react to feedback, to learning and avoiding shutdown triggers, to navigating emotions that arise mid-conversation, Cecilia shows how to truly hear constructive criticism and accept it with grace.  

Perfect for professionals at all levels, this workshop is sure to open the lines of communication and build a foundation for stronger work relationships.

Key Learning Points

  • The three types of feedback, when to use them, and how to distinguish between them

  • Tips for managing emotions that arise when receiving tough feedback

  • Tools to keep communication productive and readily heard


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