Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, keynote speeches and online resources, we serve leaders of all levels who want to grow and develop in their careers. 

Ad agencies and other creatively-minded companies work with us because we know the creative space, especially how to maneuver environments that are typically fast-paced, ego-infused and challenging. Out 20+ years working in advertising - from production to recruiting to training to HR - lends us a perspective that's unique in the training space. Attendees love hearing that our examples and action steps are relevant to their work and realistic in their culture. 

Let’s talk about what help you need to develop equipped and effective managers. In the meantime, download a copy of the below PDF called, Top 10 Ways to Make Good Managers Great.


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ON-SITE Workshops

Cecilia’s training programs are developed with fast-paced creative organizations in mind. Her topics help reduce miscommunication, ease team conflict and teach the core skills that managers and employees need to be better leaders. Attendees of all levels – from entry- and mid-level up to more senior management teams – will walk away with the improved confidence, communication skills and rapport that’s essential for team success.

Cecilia teaches essential leadership skills in a range of topics. Workshops are part live instruction plus practiced application via team building exercises. Our programs help transform any group by teaching them actionable ways to increase their performance, productivity and passion. Cecilia’s team building activities and workshops are as much fun as they are informative.

Struggling Managers

Through one-on-one personal coaching, Cecilia works with struggling managers to target key development opportunities and work to transform not only how they show up as a manager and leader but also how they impact the people on their teams. From a powerful 5-part program to extended support for up to 3 months, her direct and objective guidance helps drive self-awareness, target key growth opportunities and improve communication and relationship skills.

It’s no secret, better managers drive your organization’s performance and any manager has an opportunity to become their best through Cecilia’s coaching programs.

Team Mastery Session

Our premier team training session is an effective way to boost performance, communication and camaraderie on most any organizational team. Our Team Mastery Session is a unique, progressive group activity that uses the Leadership Game as a leadership and communication assessment tool that will immediately have a positive impact on your team.

Team Mastery is ideal for any group whose performance is critical to business success: executive teams, departments, project teams, management or sales teams, and executive leadership. Attendees will engage with each other in a way that fosters honesty, empathy, candor, discussion and growth. In this authentic and interactive session, your team will boost their connection, communication and overall effectiveness in a way that’s truly transformational.

Motivational Speaking

Cecilia Gorman is a charismatic and entertaining motivational speaker. With her extensive HR, speaking and training experience, Cecilia shares authentic stories of both personal and professional transformation.

Audience members are instantly drawn to her contagious energy as she delivers her inspirational keynote speeches. She helps businesses, organizations and individuals become more empowered to strengthen their own personal development skills.

Cecilia shows people how to grow as individuals and become stronger managers and extraordinary leaders.



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